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An Old Dutch Fort
Rich in History and Charm

 Galle is an ancient fort dating back to the 1660s and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is, to this very day, protected by the Dutch, who were once the colonial rulers of the fort. The town within it’s ancient fortified walls is a gem, and these very walls which saved Galle during the tsunami. The beautiful colonial buildings have been preserved and renovated by more recent Europeans settlers, which has created a very cosmopolitan and sophisticated vibe to Galle, and some claim it is the St Tropez of Sri Lanka!

In the tiny, cobbled streets of Galle you can visit excellent chic boutiques and an array of trendy and gourmet restaurants, serving Sri Lankan as well as global cuisine. Let our local guides reveal to you the secrets of Galleon an escorted walk, otherwise or roam around in total freedom and discover them yourself.

The Dutch Fort is just a few kilometres from Wirdana Resort
and is a convenient destination to visit for a day trip

Galle Fort which is a 20 minute drive from Wirdana, and is a marvellous gem in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province, a marvelous treasure enriched with unique cultural, aesthetic, artistic and archaeological significance.