Our location serves you perfectly to do all sorts of activities within a 5 to 60-minutes’ drive.

Tea Factory Tour

Another noteworthy thing to do in Sri Lanka’s southern district is to visit a tea plantation and the rice paddy fields.

The sprawling fields are amazing in their green simplicity and are one the most important sources of income for the Sri Lankan economy. The people take pride in their hard work hard and it is fantastic to see the ongoing growth of Sri Lanka through the exporting of these natural plants.

Galle City Tour

Visit The UNESCO site of Galle Fort, a fort built by the Portuguese and Dutch during the colonial period.

The fort and the immediate surrounding area is a beautiful combination of religions and traditions – influenced by the wide variety of cultures of the different people who have lived there over the years, as well as those currently residing there. It has recently developed into a hotspot for shopping, cafes, restaurants and bars making it a quaint blend of old and modern.

Kanneliya Forest Tour

Kanneliya, covering an extent of 10,140 hectares, is a forest complex located in southern Sri Lanka which was designated as an important biosphere reserve in 2004 by UNESCO. Excluding the Sinharaja rain forest, Kanneliya is acknowledged as the only remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka. Identified as one of the richest areas in terms of flora, in the whole of South Asia, the forest reserve is located approximately 35 Kilometers northwest of the city of Galle. Kanneliya is a must visit for nature lovers.

Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching is one of the many amazing activities available along Sri Lanka’s southern coast. These enormous and magnificent creatures aren’t afraid to show themselves to the public and many different tours are established to offer the opportunity to sight these awe inspiring sea mammals.

Turtle Farm Tour

Watch turtles in their natural habitat. You may even get to see turtles laying eggs in the evening hours. The Turtle Conservation Project is the only place where turtles are not held in captivity and therefore we strongly recommend that you visit this location instead of other hatcheries. Located only twenty minutes away from Wirdana Resort, set a date to see the five species of turtles found in Sri Lanka and the survival threats that turtles face.

Sinharaja Forest tour

The Sinharaja forest reserve covers several different provinces and districts in the country and is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot. The forest reserve gained international significance after having been designated a biosphere reserve and world heritage site by the UNESCO organization. The reserve stretches approximately twenty-two kilometers from East to West and seven kilometers from North to South. Despite its compact size, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is abundant in endemic species that includes insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and trees.