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Discover the Paradise Land That Is Sri Lanka

 In order to fully discover Sri Lanka, Wirdana can help put together a personalised tour of the island for you, based on your personal interests and passions. We can out together a suitable itinerary for you, so that you can discover the magic that is Sri Lanka.

The ancient cities of the Cultural Triangle and misty, emerald green tea country are magnificent during any season whilst the east coast is perfect during the summer month, when the south west monsoon hits. The best time to visit the south west is between November and May. From Wirdana it is possible to travel in total safety with our personally vetted drivers, exploring the island while staying in some of our favourite and personally selected beautiful accommodation in Sri Lanka.

Visit Galle: The Pearl of  Sri Lanka 

Galle Fort is an ancient stronghold dating back to 1663, and was established by the Dutch. It is now a Unesco World Heritage Site, and still retains many remnants of the Dutch era with a strong architectural influences. Galle is Asia’s oldest remaining living-fortified town, a hidden gem set behind ancient walls that completely saved it from the devastation of the tsunami.  Many of the ancient government buildings including law courts and hospital, churches and villas have been beautifully renovated to their former glory and beyond, and now house sumptuous villas, boutique hotels, cafes and restaurants. The fort emits a very cosmopolitan and hip vibe.

Explore Galle…

The South Coast contains some of the most
beautiful beaches in the Indian Ocean

The south coast of the island is today a very popular surfing destination to the extent of being renamed “the new Bali” . Weligama, Mirissa and Dewatta are some of the surf-spots where you will be able to either learn to surf, practice or master your surfing skills.

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Wirdana’s Beaches: Our South Coast Paradise