Full Day SPA Experiences
and Relaxing Treatments

Our new and improved Wirdana Spa is located in a pavilion on the shores of a beautiful and serene natural lake.

Our spa therapists will be happy to guide you through our spa menu and help you choose the most suitable treatment for you. Choose from one of our Full Day Experiences or just opt for an individual pampering and relaxing treatment. Our spa programmes can be highly personalised for regeneration or detoxification. Wirdana Spa As offers unique treatments from massages and treatments drawing the healing powers of plants and traditional Sri Lankan villages remedies, to Sound Bowl and Gong Therapy. We are the only Wellness Spa offering these treatments on the South Coast of Sri Lanka

Contact Us to find out more about our half or full day special experience and ceremonies and relaxing meditation techniques.

Wirdana SPA Treatments

Immerse yourself in our relaxing and unique spa experiences, including our Tibetan singing bowls treatments, ancient Tai Chi techniques or the Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaian massage therapy.

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