Beautiful Places at Lake Como

Have you ever visited Lake Como in Italy? If no, and you are planning to visit there, then this article is a must-read for you. As with the help of this article, we are going to discuss some of the most beautiful places at Lake Como. Here are some of the most beautiful places that you should visit whenever you come to Lake Como, Italy.

  • Wirnica – This is one of the best and must-visit places that you should have a look whenever you come to Lake Como. It is known as the most beautiful Lake Como villa for the wedding, as every year several wedding takes place at this villa. Moreover, it is also usable to regular visit purpose. Some of the essential key features of this place, which makes it a must-visit place are as follows.

Firstly this place is built in such a way that it will take you back to the sixteenth century and those who love the ancient period and things related to it should surely visit this place.

The next thing because of which this place is in the list of must-visit places of Lake Como, as it is surrounded by greenery and park for over 4000 meters from every single corner, this is the reason the visitors here can feel the peace and can relax properly.

So those who love to be in nature or want to have a look at the combination of nature and ancient looks, they should visit this place.

  • Faro Voltiano – If you are visiting Como Lake for the first time, then visiting Faro Voltiano is a must. This is a lighthouse from where on the top, you would be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful views of Lake Como that you would not be able to have a look on from any other place.
  • Bellagio – You can even visit this town, Bellagio, which is stated that it’s present in the center of Lake Como. For reaching this town, you would have to go through a boat, but reaching here is easy as several boat services keep on working. There are many shops to eat, travel, and do several things. This place remains filled with tourists every time, one of the popular points here is Romanesque Church, which was built in the 12th.

Best ancient villa on Lake Como

Do you know What lake Como is famous for? It is renowned for its overall natural beauty, landscapes, the lake view, and for its wide variety of villas that you would be able to see at this place. This place has several villas, and every villa has it’s something unique and essential, with the help of this article we are going to discuss about the best ancient villa on Lake Como. Do follow this article till the end to know more about that ancient villa.

Wirnica Resort is one of the best ancient villa on Lake Como. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about this villa. Let us start with the starting:

The first thing which makes this place so unique is that it offers an overall feel of the sixteenth century, so if you are finding a Lake Como wedding location that would be able to provide you with an ancient feel, then you can go for this venue.

The second thing which is highly noticeable about this villa is that the park entirely covers it for around 4000 meters from every corner, plus the lake view offers an astonishing touch to this place and make it perfect for a wedding destination.

This is one of its kind as it offers its visitors a luxury feel with a deep touch of nature. The best thing is that the surrounding is very peaceful and you are going to feel profoundly relaxed by visiting this villa.

As we mentioned above that it would offer you a feel on the sixteenth century, this does not mean from the outer view only, but the overall inside look, rooms, various structures, gardens, and everything of this place is going to offer you a feel of old ancient days.

This place consists of the central area where you would be able to notice four different independent suites, moreover you would also be able to find six villas which include four bedrooms with private bathrooms and the main living area.

Their second accommodation is at Galle, Sri Lanks, which is know as Wirdana Resorts. Both of them took birth from the one and only Wir Resorts.

The best thing about Wirnica is that it offers the highest quality services with an ancient feel in a natural atmosphere, where their guests would be able to relax and chill during their visit over there.

Activities in Wirdana

For lovers of sports and outdoor activities, the surroundings of Wirnica offer the possibility to practice different types of sports: light or challenging trekking on the paths that wind through the mountains surrounding the lake.

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