Destination wedding: Lake Como

A destination wedding is a dream of every person, but not everyone can fulfill it. But do you know there are several reasons why people are unable to do the destination wedding? Here are some of those reasons-

  • The first reason is people who have the dream of a destination wedding, but they don’t have that much amount of money for it.
  • The second reason, because of which destinations weddings of some people are unable to take place, is by lack of planning.

Although we can kind of help in the first case, but we can provide you good assistance if you are facing the second case, which means you are unable to provide good planning, and hence, for this reason, you would not be able to go for a destination wedding. So do follow this article till the end to know more about the planning of destination wedding.

Here is everything you need to know about Destination wedding at Lake Como, Italy.

  • Wedding Destination – Do you know which is the best Lake Como wedding destination? That is Wirnica; it’s a large villa that is wholly designed to make you feel that you are in the sixteenth century. Not only the exterior, but the interior of this place is intended never to take you off that feel. Here are some of the critical features of this villa
  • Firstly it is surrounded by parks from all sides for over 4000 meters from every corner. This makes visitors feel peace around them, and they can relax.
  • The second important thing is that this place will offer you a complete feel that you are in the sixteenth century and hence can enjoy that feeling.
  • The third important factor is the add-on of sea view. This sea view will add extra beauty to the overall look and hence will enhance your time and enjoyment.
  • There are several suites in this villa, which are all fully equipped with several add-on things. the interior of rooms is also designed in the form of sixteenth-century room work.
  • Wedding Planner – As the Lake Como wedding destination and venue are set, let us have a look at the other works that are needed to be done during the wedding process. So for that purpose, you can easily hire a wedding planner. Moreover, several persons within the hotel would be able to help you with your wedding work purpose.

Activities in Wirdana

For lovers of sports and outdoor activities, the surroundings of Wirnica offer the possibility to practice different types of sports: light or challenging trekking on the paths that wind through the mountains surrounding the lake.

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