Unique environments
wrapped in history

Wirinica proposes six suites with antique furnishings, obtained from the sixteenth century bedroom of the villa.

The names of the suites recall the locations of the Betrothed: il convento, il castello, il palazzotto, la filanda, la canonica and la cappella. All suites are equipped with large private bathrooms which face the park or the ancient roads of the village of Garlate.

Il Convento suite

Il convento is a cozy suite dedicated to the Promessi Sposi novel with a brass bed bearing the effigies of Renzo and Lucia Suite with fireplace and period furniture.

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Il Castello suite

Il castello is the heart of the villa. An 130 sqm suite overlooking the park. Inside the 17th century structure, here is the home of the matron of the villa, Angelina, whose ghost seems to be still wandering around the estate.

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Il Palazzotto suite

Il palazzotto is a corner suite overlooking the park with a spectacular view of the lake. Here the residence of the prior friar of the Pieve inhabited since ‘600.

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La Filanda suite

La filanda that rises inside the park was an ancient silk spinning mill where the women of the village worked the silkworms with their bare hands. Furnished with charm.

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La Canonica suite

La canonica is a mini suite that overlooks the park and precisely on the Via Canonica that connected the parish with the residence of the convent. Tastefully decorated with Asian touches.

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La Cappella suite

La cripta is located inside an ancient church dating back to 1600, a private porch opens onto the entrance of the church. Furnished with Asian touches and with a subdued atmosphere.

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