That tributary of Como lake

Garlate is a small borough facing its namesake lake, which has been cited in “The Betrothed”

“That branch of the Lake of Como, which turns toward the south between two unbroken chains of mountains, presenting to the eye a succession of bays and gulfs, formed by their jutting and retiring ridges, suddenly contracts itself between a headland to the right and an extended sloping bank on the left, and assumes the flow and appearance of a river. The bridge by which the two shores are here united, appears to render the transformation more apparent, and marks the point at which the lake ceases, and the Adda recommences, to resume, however, the name of Lake where the again receding banks allow the water to expand itself anew into bays and gulfs.”
Manzoni, The Betrothed Capther 1

Wirnica rises in the middle of the village, in the past century as the parish. the current villa and its and its other branches constituted, in the sixteenth century a small monastery complex. The descent of Napoleon brought the seizure of many of the Churches belongings and with it Wirnica which then became a garrison for the troops. Following these events the complex was amplified and converted into a private residence for an aristocratic silk manufacturer. the silk factory is now a museum in remembrance of the role silk played in making Garlate economically relevant. The villa is to this day owned by the Gnecchi family and it still has that ancient charm which has remained throughout the centuries.

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