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Things to do at Lake Como

Lake Como is known as the most glamorous lake in Italy, but do you know where most of the people stuck? It’s that whenever they visit Lake Como, they would visit and go for boating at Lake Como only, but would not visit some of the most beautiful places with which Lake Como is filled. This happens several times, but I guess it happens because people are not aware of those places, and they don’t know what to do when they are at Lake Como.

So with the help of this article, we are going to have a look at things that you can do when you are at Lake Como.

Here is the list of things that you can do at Lake Como:

Explore Ancient Villas – The first and most crucial place that you should visit is Wirnica resorts, this is situated at one of the best Lake Como wedding location. You can visit this villa if you want to know what would be the outcome of blending ancient architecture and nature, as when you will visit this place, you will feel that you have moved back to the sixteenth century. This is the best Lake Como villa for wedding.

Faro Voltiano – This is a lighthouse from where you would be able to see some of the most beautiful sea views of Lake Como. Firstly you would have to go through a funicular ride, and then you would have to hike up to a hill, where you will get that lighthouse from where you can notice some of the best sea views of Lake Como.

Villa Carlotta – This is also ranked as one of the best villas at Lake Como. Moreover, the most important thing about this villa is its botanical garden that is spread in a vast area of 20 acres.

Exploring Lake Como – The first thing you would be able to do at Lake Como is water ski. Moreover, there are several towns nearby Lake Como, which are in the center of the lake and you can explore those places by walking. Some of the best things are that you would be able to excellent shops from where you can do shopping plus several areas where you can find something to eat.

Como City – You can visit Como city, where you would be able to find some of the oldest places to visit. Some of those places were built in the 12th century.

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For lovers of sports and outdoor activities, the surroundings of Wirnica offer the possibility to practice different types of sports: light or challenging trekking on the paths that wind through the mountains surrounding the lake.

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