Traveling Lake Como

Travelling to a new place does not mean that you are going to live at that place only, but travelling is all about how much you can explore that place, what new things to se there and many more such things.

But when you are travelling a place such as Como Lake, then what are the things you can watch and what are the places you can explore? If you want the answer to all these questions, then do follow this article till the end to know everything about Lake Como.

Here is the list of places you can explore while travelling Lake Como:

Ancient Villas – But before travelling and exploring Lake Como, you would have to find a place where you can live and spend your holidays peacefully. So for that, you can check out Wirnica, this is the best villa that you will ever visit. Some of the essential key features of this villa are as follows:

The first is that if you visit this place, then you are going to have fallen as you have come back to the sixteenth century. The exterior and interior of this villa are entirely made by thinking that in mind.

The villa is surrounded by greenery for over 4000 meters from every corner because of which visitors would be able to relax and enjoy peacefully.

This is one of the best Lake Como villa for wedding.

Villa Del Balbianello – If you want to visit the place at Lake Como where you favorite holly star must have given one of his shoots, then you should visit this place for sure. This villa is located on the water in the town of Lenno. This place was used for one of the James Bond movie series. Moreover, you must have also noticed this place in Star Wars.

Exploring Como – If you want to explore this place properly, then you can explore the Como city, there are several things to see there. Some of those places were even built in the 12th century. Moreover, it is noticed that those who come to Lake Como do not even know that Como is a city, too, and they can visit that place also.

Small Towns – There are several small towns nearby Lake Como that you can visit and explore. But we will prefer you to visit those places and exploring them by walking only. You would be able to enjoy every single second of your walk.

Why is Lake Como so famous?

Whenever we talk about Italy, one place is always there in our discussions, and that is Lake Como. But have you ever thought that what’s the reason that Lake Como is one of the most famous places in Italy? If no, then do follow this article till the end. As in this article, we are going to have a look at some of those reasons and places because of which Lake Como is so famous.

Here is the list of things because of which Lake Como is so famous:

Wedding destination – You must be knowing that those who plan their destination wedding, the first suggestion in their list, is Italy. So Lake Como is one of the most critical places as a wedding destination. This is because Lake Como villas for weddings have a lot of options, and as it is famous for this thing then there are several wedding planners with the help of which you would be able to do the wedding processes more efficiently.

Some of the best Lake Como wedding destinations are as follows:

Wirnica – This is one of the best villas in Lake Como; the best thing about this place is that it is covered with greenery from every corner. Moreover, the visitors are offered a look of the sixteenth century as every exterior plus the interior is built in that way.

Regal Villa – The second in the list is Regal villa; this villa was built in the sixteenth century and had everything the same as it was made. The most crucial point of this place is that it will connect the visitors to the history of that place.

Beautiful Places – The second reason because of which Lake Como is one of the most famous and discussed places is by the number of beautiful places it consists of. First in the list is the Como Lake itself, which also offers an astonishing view of the number of villas that are around it. Moreover, there are several beautiful places to visit in Lake Como; those are as follows:
– Several towns are around the Lake and offer some of the best viewing scenes. If you want to enjoy all those sceneries, then you can visit those towns.
– Moreover, Milan is just one hour away from Lake Como. If you have visited all the places there, then you can visit Milan.
– You can even visit Bellagio, which is in between the Lake Como.

Activities in Wirdana

For lovers of sports and outdoor activities, the surroundings of Wirnica offer the possibility to practice different types of sports: light or challenging trekking on the paths that wind through the mountains surrounding the lake.

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